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Every campaign is ultimately about the issues. Informed voters want to know what a candidate believes in. Gary invites you to examine where he stands on the issues that are important to you. 


A conservationist is a person who advocates or acts for the protection and preservation of our natural resources including wildlife and and the environment. 

A conservative is a person who advocates for the preservation of the principles, values and resources that made America great from the beginning. 

Gary is not a hyphenated-conservative. He is a complete conservative, adhering to conservative principles in every walk of life. Either conservative principles work or they don't. 

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Pro Life

Life is one of the fundamental enumerated rights recognized by our founders in the Declaration of Independence. If life is not sacred from conception then nothing is and all other rights must ultimately give way.

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Education must focus more on students and less on systems. This means returning more and more to local control where parents, teachers and local school boards are empowered to make the decisions that are in the best interest of their children and their communities. 

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The Second Amendment

While sensible people everywhere are concerned about violence we must not allow the impulse to be proactive guide us into counterproductive choices. We cannot raise the white flag on red flag laws that target law abiding citizens. Instead, we must address criminal behavior along with mental and social disorders which are the root of the problem. House Bill 234 is common sense legislation that targets offenders rather than law abiding citizens. 

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Energy (Video)


The stability of our energy grid is one of the most crucial issues that Ohioans must deal with. Competition and diversity is in the best interest of Buckeyes. However, there are many complicated challenges that come with energy.

House Bill 6 was a necessary investment, providing stability by preserving nuclear energy in Ohio. Wind turbines, on the other hand, tend to drain our resources, add nothing to the stability of the grid and disrupt our rural neighborhoods. 

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Lower Taxes - Fewer Regulations

Government has a tendency to get greedy and be bossy. Legislators are tempted to think they know best how to spend your money and run your business. In reality, you are the best investor and most efficient manager of your resources. 

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From Welfare to Work

Personal experience has taught me that people thrive when they are able to provide for themselves through the dignity of work. However, a system that was designed to help people through tough times has become an impediment to personal success. 

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Unfunded Mandates for Local Municipalities

While balancing the state budget is a worthy cause, many local municipalities have felt like they footed the bill. Unfunded mandates were passed on to the local governments without the accompanying resources necessary to accomplish the tasks. 

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The Democrats are committing suicide by impeachment. Partisan politics should never play a role in a process like this, regardless of which party you favor. Not only is it bad policy but it is also bad politics. 

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Sunny Farms Landfill


One of the more prominent local issues that demands the attention of our next state representative is the Sunny Farms Landfill. The concerns go far beyond the offensive odor that led neighbors to inform me that they cannot even hang their clothes out to dry. Like many others in the area, they are reasonably afraid to drink water from their own wells. I recently sat with Roberta who shared with me her medical records which seem to validate her claim that the landfill has adversely affected both her and her husband's health. There is no question that the Sunny Farms Landfill has brought money into the community but at what cost? The community deserves for their next state representative to be tuned into the the bigger picture and advocate for them on this vital issue.

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