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Energy (Video)


The nuclear energy industry is subject to intense regulation. These mandates  have crippled the ability of the nuclear industry to effectively operate with fiscal efficiency and profitability. Without HB 6, our two nuclear power plants could not have survived and the state of Ohio would have been on the hook for a costly decommissioning. 

Just recently, Pennsylvania failed to support her nuclear power plants and will be paying twice the cost of saving them to decommission them. Their refusal of a $500 million rescue plan left them holding the bag for $1.2 billion in decommissioning expenses. Read the report in the Philadelphia Inquirer here

Allow our nuclear power plants to fail would have denied Ohio the most efficient, carbon free, green energy available to us while costing numerous jobs in NW Ohio. 


Wind turbines only operate at about a 30% efficiency while littering rural landscapes and neighborhoods. They are unsustainable in a free market and would have no demand without massive government subsidies. The community has been extremely vocal in their opposition to wind turbines and deserves to be heard. 


Coal and Natural Gas

Although coal and natural gas are not abundant resources in NW Ohio, they are a vital and necessary part of our energy grid, providing great jobs in other regions of Ohio and deserve our support. 

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