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Bureaucrats in Washington, DC are not the best equipped to make decisions that affect your children's futures. The Ohio General Assembly must fight for the right to make the decisions that are best for the students in Ohio and in turn we must empower our parents, teachers and school boards to to escape the red tape and invest meaningfully in our children's lives.

Our current system is clumsy, dysfunctional and outdated. Teachers are frustrated and parents are disappointed. Education has to be brought into the 21st century and tailor made to each child with different skill sets, ambitions and career goals. One size does not fit all.

Innovative ideas are abounding across the nation and Ohio cannot afford to be last. We must acknowledge that there are many excellent and meaningful careers available outside of the traditional pattern of a four year college track. Technical and vocational career training provide students with the necessary skill sets to earn a healthy living while being productive members of society. 

Meanwhile, our elementary and secondary education must focus on the basics and return to the fundamentals including the fundamentals of American history. Tragically, students are not being taught the principles that America was founded upon and are losing sight of what truly makes America great. American exceptionalism is not taught like it once was and young people are being misinformed about the lure of socialism. This is a failure in our schools that must be addressed before future generation glean this knowledge through the same trial and error that has devastated other civilizations past and present. 

A sound and strong education is the key to any students future and to the future of society as a whole. Academic awareness and advancement will be a focus of my tenure in the Ohio legislature. 

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Jerri Miller, Treasurer
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