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Pro Life

Life is the most basic and fundamental right we have. Without life, all other rights lose their meaning. It is so fundamental that our founders incorporated it into our birth certificate, The Declaration of Independence.

Science and education have recently begun to catch up to that fundamental truth that God has delicately written on the human heart. Unfortunately, corrupt organizations like Planned Parenthood have miseducated our youth and pressured traumatized mothers into regrettable decisions. It has been reported that 64% of women who choose and abortion have been pressured into that choice. 

We must be cautious not to condemn the mothers who have been ill informed and pressured by boyfriends, husbands or through human trafficking to make these fateful decisions. They must realize that there is hope and healing available to them.

However, we must also proactively make abortion both unthinkable and illegal. This involves education, inspiration and legislation. Ohio's Heartbeat Bill has been a great step in that direction. I has happy to be at Governor DeWine's side when this bill was signed into law. 

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