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Endorsements Matter

Would you hire someone to work for you without quality references? That's what endorsements are. They are references from reliable people. 

Every candidate seeks endorsements. It's only when they don't get them that they complain about them. Local and statewide leaders trust and choose Gary Click. In Seneca county, Gary has been endorsed by Mayor Kevin Strecker of Bellevue, Former Mayor Bryan Schock of Attica, Current Attica Mayor Nathan Frisch, Mayor Jeff Larick of Republic and Mayor Scott Harrison of Bettsville. In Sandusky County, Click has been endorsed by Mayor Danny Sanchez of Fremont, Mayor Ty Tracy of Woodville, Former Lindsey Mayor Bruce Perry, Mayor Steve Fought of Gibsonburg, Mayor Scott Black of Clyde, Bellevue Council President Ron Smith, Bloomville Mayor David Auble Jr., Bloomville Council President Joe Kelbly,  Sandusky County Auditor Jerri Miller, Former Fremont Chief of Police Robert Dorsey and Sandusky County Sheriff Christopher Hilton. Each of these endorsers has earned the trust of our community as demonstrated by their successful elections. They all trust Gary Click to get the job done! 




Twice, Gary has been chosen by Republican in Ohio's 26th Senate District to represent them on the Ohio Republican Party. 

Gary's references and recommendations don't stop there. 



Gary has received several state level endorsements by those who have watched him promote conservative Republican causes around the state of Ohio, including the Ohio Republican Party.   Although Gary serves on the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee, he abstained from that vote and publicly stated so. However, the other 65 members of this committee have watched Gary's steadfast commitment to conservative values and voted to endorse him overwhelmingly. 



Gary has been selected by the Trump campaign to serve as a 2020 delegate to the Republican National Convention and was also called upon to pray at one of President Trump's rallies in Columbus. Gary served as the chairman of Governor Mike DeWine's evangelical advisory council and has earned his endorsement as well as that of Lt. Governor Jon Husted. Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague has given Gary his endorsement as has Ohio Auditor Keith Faber. The trust of these individuals does not come easy. They have seen Gary in action promoting conservative causes across the great state of Ohio and are confident that he will do the same in the statehouse. 



Two of the most critical issues for Republicans are the Right to Life and the Second Amendment. Gary has earned the confidence of reliable leaders on both of these issues. Gary was present with Governor DeWine when he signed the Heartbeat Bill into law. The president of Ohio Right to Life, Michael Gonidakis, has watched Gary stand as a champion for children born and unborn. So it was no surprise that Gary earned the endorsement of Ohio Right to Life. What was surprising was that neither of Gary's challengers even cared enough to complete the survey. 

When it comes to the Second Amendment, Gary Click will stand strong. He has earned the highest rating possible for a non-incumbent from the National Rifle Association and the Buckeye Firearms Association. You can read Gary's position on the Second Amendment here. 

The Seneca Anti-Wind Union (SAWU) is the largest most influential grassroots advocacy group in Northwest Ohio. Feeling that their neighborhoods were threatened they banded together to stand against multiple energy groups who want to invade their community with industrial wind turbines up to 600 feet tall in rural neighborhoods. You can't drive through Seneca County without seeing several yellow anti-wind signs. My opponent adjourned a meeting and walked out on them before public comments could be made. Key leaders and core members of SAWU have rallied behind and endorsed Gary Click as their candidate. They invited him to testify in favor of HB 401 which would give a voice to local communities before industrial wind turbines are sited in their neighborhoods. Key leaders and core members know that Gary will always look out for their best interest and have endorsed him for state representative. They include Greg Smith, Deb Hay, Chris Aicholz, Zach West, Jim Feasel and more. 


The endorsements that matter most are from the voters in Ohio's 88th House District. It is easy to see how they feel just by watching the yard signs as you drive through the community. Every yard sign is an endorsement by a voter in this district. Billboards are bought and paid for. Yard signs are earned. Gary has more signs in more yards than his two challengers combined. This represents hard work and meaningful voter contact. While we have had to shift away from our door to door canvassing in the last week, we have made over 4,000 personal contacts door to door and by phone over the course of this campaign in order to earn your trust and support. 

When you vote, please pick Gary Click the most trusted and endorsed candidate in this race. Thank you! :) 



The Committee to Elect Gary Click
Jerri Miller, Treasurer
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