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It’s vital that we vote our values, so I encourage you to vote for Gary Click for State Representative. Gary Click is an effective advocate for conservative values, religious freedom, economic opportunity and lower taxes. He also devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community through Fremont Baptist Temple, as Pastor. Gary's experience on Ohio Republican State Central Committee, means he understands how state government works – and doesn’t . Gary Click can hit the ground running on day one of his term. I especially appreciate Gary's thoughtful leadership. He seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. Gary Click is approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well. There is only one choice in the 88th Ohio House District, Gary Click for State Representative.

— John Popelka

I am proud to endorse Gary Click to fill the 88th seat for Ohio State Representative. Gary is a good man with good values and is willing to work hard for the people of Sandusky and Seneca county. If you do not know Gary Click please take my word that he is the right man for this job!!! #hopeforohio #88seat #voteforgary

— Amy Miller

I am honored to endorse Gary Click for State Representative. Gary will make a positive impact in the State House for the District 88 and for the betterment of all Ohio.

— John T. Coates II

Gary Click is someone who will listen to his constituents and cares deeply for his community.

— Deb Hay

I support Pastor Gary Click for office because he understands what is at stake in today's culture. He will fight for the right to life, for religious freedom, and for ordinary Ohioans to be free to live and work as they please. Gary is a common sense man with a big heart for helping others. I hope you will support Gary with your vote!

— Peter Range

Gary has been a friend of mine for quite some time. He is a honest and fair individual. He has worked hard preparing for this position. He has investigated many issues facing Ohioans long before he decided to run. "We the People" has been his motto long before he decided to run for this office.

— Ken Dumminger

To whom it may concern: I have known Gary Click quite some time in association with tried and true Republican values. He is solidly conservative and logical in what he says and does as a member of the State Republican Central Committee. He attends conservative functions including North Central Ohio Conservatives, where I am Vice President, and the Seneca County Republican Central Committee's events. He and I shared a meal tonight (October 8th) and I had a chance to ask him about his ideals and ideas for the future of the 88th District House seat he seeks, as well as the future of the State of Ohio and America overall, and his answers were completely compatible with my thoughts and ideas. It is my pleasure and my honor to endorse him. Respectfully Submitted, Michael Oberlander member of the Seneca County Republican Central Committee representing Republic Village, precinct 45.

— Michael Oberlander (Republic)

I wholeheartedly endorse Gary for State Rep.

— Neal Dearyan

Gary Click has my support.  — Ken Jones (Tiffin)

I would like to endorse Pastor Gary Click. A man of faith, vision and conviction.

— Mike Vodika

I have known Gary since early 2016 and have talked about many issues big and small about our district and state as a whole. If you frequent republican events you know he is no stranger and makes a true effort to talk to people and include them. He is a good man and has shown he is able to work with people across the state, so I have no doubt we will do well to serve as our next state representative.

— Brandon Prenzlin

I have known Gary Click for ten plus years and have always seen the man as dedicated and focused on beliefs, family and community. A strong leader that I would not hesitate to follow. Nothing but respect from me. And my vote.

— Donald Root

I support Gary Click for state rep.

— Scott Young

Gary Click has my endorsement.

— Ashley Young

I support Gary Click.

— Rebecca Hainline

I support Gary! 

— Marion Bower

I serve as Bellevue City Council President and as a Pastor. I endorse Gary, Gary has been committed to serving people for many years and will continue by serving his constituents and Nation.

— Ron Smith (President of Bellevue City Council)

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— Greg Cassidy (Fostoria City Council)

In the past months, I have had the opportunity to get to know Gary Click. Mr. Click is honest, pragmatic, and has insight into the state’s problems and needs. His willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to questions and concerns from the residents of Ohio sets him far apart from the other candidates expected techniques and talk.

I am writing today to express my support for Gary Click for State Representative of the 88th  Ohio House District and my intention to both vote for Gary and spread the word to others of the value of his policies and abilities. ~ Mayor Kevin Strecker

— Mayor Kevin Strecker (Bellevue)


I had the pleasure of meeting Gary at our Village Council Meeting in Bloomville last week. We also had some good conversation following the meeting. Gary earned my vote through that conversation with his views on different topics and how genuine of a person he is. We need more individuals like Gary representing the people. Proud to say I'll be voting for Gary Click on 3/17/2020!!

— David Auble Jr

I have been impressed with Gary’s ability to thoroughly understand the dynamics of the industrial wind turbine projects that are being proposed in the 88th district. He has educated himself and he understands that every person in the district deserves a voice in the siting process and he will not rest until he secures it. I can attest to that because I have witnessed first-hand his incredible passion and drive! He has provided great support in our efforts and has shown what type of representative he will be for our area. The 88th district has an important decision on March 17th and Gary Click is the right choice.

— Chris Aichholz

Gary established the Faith Coalition for DeWine Husted for Ohio in 2018 reaching out to faith groups across Ohio. 

In 2019, he was commissioned with establishing the Governor's Evangelical Advisory Council with a diverse group of pastors from all across Ohio. The first act of this council was to present Governor DeWine with the Champion of Life Award for his commitment to sign the Heartbeat Bill. The next day, the administration called and invited Gary to attend the signing of the Heartbeat Bill. 

Gary is honored to receive the endorsements of Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor John Husted. 



— Mike DeWine & John Husted

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As a conservative family values voter and a small business owner ( Shores Edge Carpentry) I endorse Gary Click and believe he will continue to echo my values as state representative and fight for Ohio businesses.

— Dan Morell

I make no habit of publicly endorsing candidates for office. However, considering the gravity of the issues facing Seneca County, and out of deep respect and consideration of my friends and neighbors, I wish to opine on the matter of deciding our next State Representative.

Only one candidate has demonstrated the leadership qualities required for the office of State Representative. Only one candidate appreciates the importance of building relationships with constituents and other elected officials. Only one candidate compassionately listens to the concerns of the citizens they seek to represent. Only one candidate has demonstrated the ability to turn words into action. That candidate, and the one most suitable to serve as our next State Representative, is Gary Click.

It is no mistake that Governor Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor John Husted, along with the mayors of Attica, Bellevue, Bettsville, Bloomville, Clyde, Fremont, Gibsonburg, Lindsey, Republic, Woodville, and numerous others yet to be announced, have all endorsed Gary Click for State Representative. Gaining the endorsements of city council members from Bellevue to Fostoria, Tiffin to Fremont, Gary Click has made building relationships one of the key principles of his campaign. Every candidate for public office must appreciate and understand the concerns of the constituents AND be proficient in establishing relationships with others in order to be a truly effective State Representative.

As the ONLY candidate to be endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life, Gary Click will defend the sanctity of life including that of the unborn. With a firm understanding of American history, Gary Click will guard our constitutional freedoms including our Second Amendment rights. As an Ohio delegate for the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, Gary Click is the only candidate to have demonstrated genuine support for President Donald Trump.

To my friends and neighbors, there is hope for Ohio and it starts with Gary Click as our next State Representative.

Zachary K. West

— Zachary K. West

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— Treasurer Robert Sprague

Gary Click is the best candidate for the State Representatives. We know him personally and are aware of his great conservative values. He is a moral man of character. He would represent our district with Class and Wisdom. — MJ Michael

On the wind issue Gary had the innate political skill to immediately recognize that it has nothing to do with whether wind energy is good or bad, but instead has everything to do with ALL local residents having a voice by vote in the decision since it transforms the ENTIRE community. His ability to see through the obscuring layers of conflicting rhetoric surrounding this polarizing topic without being blinded by political correctness, technical details, or personal interests demonstrates that Gary is well suited for the position of State Representative for our 88th district. A win for Gary will be a win for us all.

— Jim Feasel

I have known Gary as a friend and in a professional capacity for about 14 years. He has always proven himself trustworthy and true to his word. I also believe he is tenacious enough to see any job and/or responsibility through to completion. I wholeheartedly endorse Gary Click as THE candidate for the 88th District to the Ohio House of Representatives.

— Bill Brown

Gary Click listens to his constituents and has a good feel for how to respond to current situations. He will do a good job representing our district. — Bob Watson

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— Ken Jones (Tiffin City Council)

After meeting with Mr. Click several times and speaking with other people that know and respect him, I have decided to endorse Mr. Click for the 88th District Seat of Ohio. H

— G. Scott Black

Gary is my friend in need and my spiritual advisor. Gary Click will get the job done right.


— Robert Dorsey (Retired Fremont Chief of Police)


Had a coffee with Gary today and had a discussion on a number of topics. I found him to be open, he is willing to listen and is very easy to talk to on a number of topics. I also found him to be very knowledgeable in a number of topic discussed and the values our country was founded on. What impressed me was he knew which founder those values came from. Told me I needed to do more research. We are in the agreement on all issues with minor disagreements on some. Most of the issues discussed dealt with family values and constitutional rights. Some in the areas of getting the government to work for the people again and the size of government. I feel based on these discussions he will make a very good representative for our district in Columbus and will not be a voice of the party, but a voice for the people he represents and his values.

— Larry Keller

I support Gary Click.

— Tom Bower

While we may not see eye to eye on every issue, I believe Gary Click will be the best person for the job. He understands freedom and the limits upon elected officials as set forth by the US & Ohio constitutions.

— Joel Davis III

Gary has been great to work with as my State Central Committeeman. He would be a great representative in the Ohio General Assembly.

— Michael Bear

I endorse Gary Click for State Rep. — Aaron Zieber

Gary has a tremendous track record of serving his community well! I am confident he will continue to do so as my State Rep! A man of faith and values, he will do us proud in the 88th!

— Jeremy Bickelhaupt

Gary is an honest compassionate person and will make an excellent representative.

— Mike Bordner

 Standing with you Pastor Gary all the way!

— Marie Jackson

— Miguel Arreola

I would like to endorse Gary Click for Ohio. He is an amazing man and friend. I’ve worked at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station for 8 years, and I know that he would help keep my job to support my family.

— Robert Nitschke

Voicing my support for Pastor Gary Click for Ohio State Rep. I believe the state would benefit from his election.

— William Cutcher

Gary is a down to earth man with all the benefits and flaws that go with being a normal human being. He is smart enough to know when to ask for help and to know where to go for help - he has strong moral convictions - and the strength to do what is right. He has the perseverance of character we all want and expect and knows when to ask for forgiveness. Better yet he knows how to be humble and receive forgiveness. For all of these reasons, I encourage you to Vote for Gary Click - Part of the solution and not part of the problem.....

— Jon Morrow

I am totally behind Gary Click for State Representative! He is a man of integrity, honesty, and works very hard. He will maintain the conservative Christian values we hold valuable and sacred.

— Lee Shaffer

I endorse Gary Click for State Representative. He'll support common sense conservative values, economic freedom and the needs of our district.

— Bill Taylor
Eric Jones
Sue Hohenstein
Toby Evans
Jeff Moyer
Andy Hesselbart
Michael Butler
Christie Boehler
Keith Toy
Roy Litteral
Eric Jones
Brady Craig

The Committee to Elect Gary Click
Jerri Miller, Treasurer
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